visual composer custom shortcode

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/** * Function for Adding Title Component on vc_init hook * * @param void * * @return void */ function vcas_component_title() { // Title vc_map( array( ‘name’ => __( ‘Title’ ), ‘base’ => ‘vcas_title’, ‘category’ => __( ‘Test Shortcodes’ ), … Continued

plugin create wordpress

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To create a plugin, you simply create a file in your wp-content/plugins directory with the following opening code: <?php /** * Plugin Name: My plugin’s name * Plugin URI: * Description: Add a description of what your plugin does … Continued

visual composer vc_map

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Example In this example you will be guided throw the whole process of adding your own shortcode to the Visual Composer editor. We also prepared a nice and clean “starter” for you, feel free to use it as a starting … Continued

how to create shortcode in wordpress

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Usage <?php add_shortcode( $tag , $func ); ?> Parameters $tag (string) (required) Shortcode tag to be searched in post content Default: None $func (callable) (required) Hook to run when shortcode is found Default: None Return Values (none) Examples Simplest example of a shortcode tag using the … Continued

custom widget wordpress

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Developing Widgets To create a widget, you only need to extend the standard WP_Widget class and some of its functions. That base class also contains information about the functions that must be extended to get a working widget. Default Usage … Continued

wordpress pagination example

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Description Retrieve paginated link for archive post pages. Technically, the function can be used to create paginated link list for any area ( e.g.: « Prev 1 … 3 4 5 6 7 … 9 Next » ) Usage <?php echo paginate_links( $args ); ?> Default Arguments … Continued

single post file wordpress

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The Template File Hierarchy Overview WordPress uses the query string to decide which template or set of templates should be used to display the page. The query string is information that is contained in the link to each part of … Continued

SEO Friendly URLs using PHP

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Most of develops fetch data from database using id like if we simple get product details than we add query string in url example : according this id all develoerps get product details and we all know this id is … Continued

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